Versions of the cake “Three meetings”

1. Cake “Three Meetings”



0,5 tbsp. sour cream;
0,5 tbsp. sugar;
0,5 tbsp. flour;
1 egg;
0.5 tsp. of baking soda;
0,5 tbsp vinegar;
0,5 tbsp. raisins;
0,5 tbsp. poppy;
0,5 tbsp. nuts (shelled).


1 Bank of condensed milk;
200 g of butter.


Flour, sour cream, eggs, baking soda, vinegar and salt and knead three portions of the test. In one of them add the Mac, the second — raisins, in the third — nuts. Bake three cake, anointing of Fudge.
Fudge to prepared by mixing condensed milk with butter.

For the dough:
• 3 eggs
• 1,5 tbsp sugar
• 1.5 C flour
• 1.5 C sour cream
• 0.5 tbsp raisins
• 0,5 PT Mac
• 0,5 PT prunes
• 3 tsp baking powder
• any dried fruit and nuts
For the cream:
• Bank of boiled condensed milk (not boiled)
• 200 g of CL. Oil
• any fruit for decoration
1. Make the first layer:
1 egg. 0,5 flour, 0,5 sour cream. 0,5 sugar, 1 tsp baking powder (can be substituted with 0.5 tsp. of baking soda to extinguish vinegar) and add Mac.
2. Also, do a second layer, add the raisins,
3. In the third Korzh add prunes or nuts. Bake cakes, allow to cool.
4. Make the cream, whisk the condensed milk with butter, paramasivam Corgi on top and decorate with fruit!

Bon appetit!

3. Cake “Three meetings”

egg — 3 PCs
sugar — 1.5 cups.
sour cream — 1.5 cups.
flour — 1.5 cups.
soda (pinch)
MC — 0.5 stack.
raisins (seedless) — 0.5 cups.
nuts (hazelnuts) — 0.5 cups.
cream (33 %) — 200 ml
butter — 175 g
sweetened condensed milk (not boil 400 g) — 1 ban.

Method of preparation:
Mac to soak in the warm sugar syrup.
Then fry in a pan.
Raisins (seedless), rinse, dry.
To make 1 cake: 1 egg, 0.5 cups. sugar, 0.5 cups. sour cream, 0,5 stack. flour, a bit of baking soda, crushed nuts.
To make a 2 crust: 1 egg, 0.5 cups. sugar, 0.5 cups. sour cream, 0,5 stack. flour, a bit of soda, prepared by Mac.
Make 3 cake: 1 egg, 0.5 cups. sugar, 0.5 cups. sour cream, 0,5 stack. flour, a bit of soda, prepared by the raisins.
Each cake bake a round baking dish, greased, for 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 180-200C.
When baking cakes, make the frosting: with a mixer beat the cream, then add the softened butter and condensed milk (do not boil).
Whisk until creamy.
The finished cakes to stack on each other, lubricating cream, in the following order: cake with nuts, cake with poppy seeds, cake with raisins.
Decorate as desired with grated chocolate and coconut.
Enjoy your tea!

4. Cake “Three meetings”

Very delicious cake. Very often bake it at home: 1 cake: 1 egg,0,5 tbsp. sugar, 0.5 tsp. soda, slaked vinegar, 0,5 tbsp. flour. Cakes should be 3. In addition to the basic ingredients in the first layer add 0.5 tbsp. poppy, the second 0,5 tbsp. of raisins, a third of 0.5 tbsp. of nuts. Every cake we bake. Cream can of condensed milk and whisk with a stick of butter.

Chocolate cake "Anna".
Pie "grandma's doily"

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