Finally I managed to find a waffle iron, now this is our favorite homemade treat.
eggs – 5 PCs.

1 Cup sugar
flour – 1 Cup (or slightly more)
1 stick of butter or margarine ( 250 gr.)
For the filling:
either 1 can of condensed milk, or as here I have 1 can of condensed milk

Break eggs with sugar, beat with a whisk or fork.
Add softened butter or margarine, flour, beat with a whisk. I even add a bit of vanilla. The dough should be in consistency as pancakes.
Grease the form of butter if needed and bake.
Collapse should immediately, within 5 seconds after removal from the waffle iron, otherwise it will break.
For the cream I whipped butter with sugar and nachinola using a pastry bag.

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