Totally chocolate cake


1. Melt 300 g of chocolate. For me the easiest way is break into pieces, put in pastry bag and drop into boiling water. So you never cook the chocolate, but melted very quickly. Take dark chocolate without any additives.

2. In the bowl of the connect soft butter at room temperature (175 g) and brown sugar (100g), if not, get white.
3. Whisk at maximum speed for 3 minutes.
4. One to enter the yolks (only 5 pieces) and put whites in a separate bowl, then beat them we will. Add the yolks, whisk the yolk and again.
5. When the mixture is smooth, sift in the flour (80 gr.).
6. Pour 80 g/ml of the weak alcohol. It can be cognac, whiskey, liquor, diluted with water. You can brew coffee, strong tea, finally.
7. Pour half of the melted chocolate and beat well with a mixer. Then the second part.
8. Now rinse the mixer beaters, dry cloth and whip our whites until soft peaks.
9. In three-four approaches, enter the beaten egg whites into the batter. Well every time knead spatulas.
10. Grease sides of form with a thin layer of butter and sprinkle with flour. Shake out the excess. At the bottom lay a parchment. Form the desired 18 inches, in the extreme case 20. If there is a split is preferable.
11. Gently pour the batter. And tap a couple of times a form on the table, to squeeze out the excess air.
12. Bake at 160 degrees for about one hour. Here focus on appearance and a toothpick. Do not worry if you will have to form a “dome”. You then cut off.
13. The finished cake leave to cool in pan on wire rack (not in the oven). And while the cake is prepared, you can make the ganache. To do this, heat in a saucepan 300 ml whipped 35% cream. No other cream or sour cream is not suitable.
As soon as the cream began to boil, remove from heat. Break 200 g of dark chocolate and insert into the cream. Wait a couple minutes and the mixture stirred well until it becomes homogeneous.
14. Pour the ganache into a container, cover with wrap so that it touches its surface. This prevents plenochki/brown. Allow the ganache to cool (about 30 minutes) and put into the fridge for an hour.
15. At that time, when the cake stand an hour in the oven, and then another 30 minutes to cool, the ganache will seize. It is important to understand that the longer the ganache is in the fridge, so it will be denser. In this case it depends not from it to the coolant temperature, namely, from time in the fridge.
16. Half an hour later it will become a thick mass, accepted for use. Gently apply the ganache on the cake. Start from the top. Then Boca. I’m using a plastic spatula. You can take spatula or a wide knife. If the ganache is too liquid, put it back in the fridge for 20 minutes.
17. Ready covered cake and immediately place in the refrigerator. Ideally, if he will stay there for 3-5 hours. It is after this time, the ganache hardens completely, and the cake will become more moist, tyanuchee and homogeneous structure.

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