The simplest dessert


200 g low-fat cottage cheese

250 gr sour cream
3 tbsp cocoa
20 g gelatin
5 pieces cookies Anniversary
1/3 tbsp sugar


1. Gelatin soak for 30 minutes in cold CIPAC.water(1/2 Cup).
2. Mix in a blender the sugar, cottage cheese, sour cream.

Step 3
3. Heat the milk (about 4 tbsp) in kastrjulke at low temperature. (It is important not to allow to boil, just slightly hot) to Enter the gelatin and dissolve it in the milk, stirring. Add the gelatin to the obtained curd mass.

Step 4
4. Mass be divided into 3 parts. In one add cocoa (cacao mix with a fork is not very good), another part to mix with the crushed biscuits (but not until the crumbs are larger), the third part left white.
5. Can shoot form (more deeply) with cling film. Pour 2 tbsp alternately. To put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

"Banana kringel"
Cake with poppy seeds and sour cream

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