The easiest and most delicious cake – GOURMET

for cakes
In this recipe, two crust, but more can be done.

for the meringue layer:

1 Bank of condensed milk
2 eggs
1 Cup flour + baking powder (sachet of 10 grams)

If baking powder doesn’t, then soda teaspoon without slides, but the result will be worse.
Bake the cake until done, check with a wooden stick (toothpick).
Korzh cut lengthwise, let cool.


boil half a liter of water ( 2-2.5 cups)
add a Cup of sugar
when dissolved, add 3-4 tablespoons of liquor, optional liqueur, Brady and so on.

Carefully impregnated with syrup cakes, they will become tender, and it is therefore better to do it all on a platter to do)


500 g of sour cream
not a glass full of sugar or full of sugar
you can add optional: prunes, nuts, honey

All fluff, fluff, to put it in the cold.

Sprinkle with chips (leftovers from the edges of the crust-grind) or nuts, crackers, coconut.
the cream can be any thing base – amazingly delicious cakes.
Bon appetit!

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