The chocolate cake


Flour — 200 g

Almond flour — 50 g
Soda — 1,5 tsp
Pinch of salt
Cocoa — 50 g
Cane sugar — 280 g
Chicken eggs — 2 PCs.
Coconut oil — 60 ml
Olive oil — 60 ml
Milk — 270 ml
Wine vinegar — 1 tbsp
Chocolate 260 g for the cream
Fat cream — 200 ml cream
Mascarpone cheese — 320 g
Powdered sugar to taste
Chocolate — 140 g for the ganache
Double cream — 90 ml


1. Preheat the oven to 175°, melt coconut oil and sift the flour.
2. With a whisk stir flour, soda, salt, cocoa and sugar, add two eggs, oil, milk and vinegar. All whisk until smooth.
3. Pour the batter into the pan and bake about 45 minutes until dry toothpick.
4. Let the sponge cake cool down, cut into 2 or 3 pieces at will.
5. For the cream melt the chocolate with the cream, remove and cool in the fridge.
6. Next, beat the mascarpone cheese, adding chocolate ganache out of the fridge, get a good thick cream. Optionally add a bit of sugar.
7. Cakes cover with chocolate cream, add the berries.
8. On top of the cake to cover with chocolate (ganache — 140 g chocolate and 90 ml of cream) and decorate.

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The fastest and delicious cake recipe "Napoleon"