The birthday cake girl-7 years

Cooking time: 4 hours 0 min


This cake for the birthday girl-7 years at home can be done very simply! Biscuit and I took mastic is ready, so the task is simplified. Try to make it fun!

Description of preparation:
This recipe for the birthday cake for girl of 7 years is not the easiest, of course, but you will succeed! Just read how to work with fondant, practice. You will see how to turn out to be better and better! Good luck!

On the holiday table / birthday
Main ingredient:
Flour and dough / biscuit dough
The dish:
Pastries / Cakes


  • Sponge Cake — 1 Piece
  • Mascarpone Cheese — 250 Grams
  • Condensed milk — 1 (1 Bank, half in butter cream, half cream)
  • Jam — 100 g (fruit juice, syrup or jam for impregnation of sponge cake)
  • Strawberry — 100 Grams (you can substitute any fruit or berries)
  • Butter — 100 Grams
  • Mastic white — 200 Grams
  • Mastic pink — 100 Grams

Number of servings: 6-8

How to cook “Cake for the birthday girl 7 years”

1. Sponge cake cut into four parts. If you bought the cakes of the same width, trim the excess from each to get the pyramid is the Foundation for future dresses. Will popitem jam each layer.

2. Make butter cream. Mascarpone, beat with a mixer until very fluffy, then add the condensed milk and whisk again until very fluffy. Grease the cake and spread the pieces of berries.

3. Make the buttercream. Whisk the oil at room temperature and condensed milk. The cream should be smooth and creamy. Roll the cake from the outside. Leave in the fridge for three hours.

4. And now we make out of mastic dress up doll. The dolls take only the “top”. Top of the dress is also made of mastic.

5. The cake is ready!

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