Tangerine cake

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For the dough:
Flour 200g

Eggs 2 PCs
1/2 C sugar
Butter 100g
Sour cream 100g
Test baking powder 1/2 tsp
Vanillin at the tip of a knife
Citrus candied fruit 1 tsp ( you can use dried orange rind )

For the cream:
1/2 C sugar
Butter 100g
Cottage cheese (preferably low fat soft) 250g
1/2 lemon – 1 piece

Tangerines 5-6 PCs( for filling and decoration)
Under the syrup from any canned fruits, tangerine is better of course, but you can mango. By the way, fresh tangerines, you can substitute canned if they don’t have you on sale.

Dough: mix Eggs with sour cream and sugar, add melted butter, mix well. Gradually introduce the flour, vanilla , zest and baking powder. The dough becomes quite thick. We shift the dough in the form greased with butter, and bake about 20-25 minutes until it will turn brown and dry toothpick at 200 gr. The cake is taken out of their shape ,cooled and cut into two.

Cream: Lemon wash and cut without peeling into small pieces together ,take out the bones and grind in a blender. (if you take a lemon taste will be more intense lemon) Softened butter, beat, gradually, continuing to whisk, add sugar, curd, chopped lemon. Whiz until smooth. If the cheese has a grain structure, it is possible to wipe through a sieve, but I had a soft “Valio”.
Collect the cake: first, clear the mandarins (small 5pcs), each slice from the rind cleaned.

Lower cake impregnated with syrup and spread the cream (a little less than half), spread tangerine slices. Second layer is also impregnated with syrup and cover the first, we cover the cake completely with remaining frosting and decorate as desired. You can use the crumbs that are left from “Napoleon” and tangerines.
Due to the fact that the cake is soaked with syrup it can be eaten immediately and not left to impregnation overnight.

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