MasterClass 20cm Non-Stick Spring Form Baking Pan

If one of our brilliant recipes calls for a ’20cm Spring Form baking pan’, look no further.

Kitchen Craft’s Master Class 20cm Non-Stick Spring Form pans are good quality at an affordable price. Made with a non stick coating, these will add another layer of convenience to your baking – although we would always encourage lining or greasing your tins as per the recipe instructions.

With a latch-loaded mechanism for removing the walls of this tin and a removable base, this pan will make taking your baked cakes out a breeze.

We would recommend at least 2 pans for some of the cakes in our recipe database as you will be baking multiple cake to layer or stack and create delicious, creative treats. Click the Amazon link below to buy yours now!

MasterClass 18cm Non-Stick Spring Form Baking Pan

For a lot of the recipes you’ll find on, you’re going to need an 18cm spring form baking pan.

‘Spring form’ refers to any baking pan with a removable base and ‘spring’ loaded sides that, using a simple latch mechanism, can be easily removed to help you take out your baked cake.

An affordable and good quality pan is the MasterClass 18cm from Kitchen Craft which comes with the added benefit of being non-stick! We still recommend you thoroughly grease and line all your pans as per the recipes to ensure your cakes don’t stick.

Check out the MasterClass pan and get baking!