Strawberry cake without baking.

Easy to prepare and VERY tasty cake!


( on a split form with a diameter of 20 cm)
2 cups – Nesguik( quick Breakfast of chocolate peas)
1.5 cups strawberries
250 gr. cream cheese Mascarpone
2 tablespoons butter
300 gr. yogurt (preferably strawberry)
5 tablespoons of sugar or powdered sugar
2 teaspoons gelatin
1/3 Cup milk

For decoration:

berries or fruits
1 packet of jelly cake

1. Gelatin soaked in milk, albeit still swells. Nesguik mix with melted butter and two tablespoons of powdered sugar and spread on the bottom lined with parchment releasable form.

2. Put the strawberry.

3. Beat with a mixer Mascarpone cheese, yogurt and 3 tablespoons sugar in a single mass.Melt gelatin in the microwave and add in the cheese mass. Good promoseven and pour over strawberries.

Remove to harden in the fridge for about three hours.
4. Put strawberries or anyone what to like and pour the gelatin for cake. It differs from the usual that hardens very quickly, even in hot condition. Dilute it according to instructions on the pack.

5. Remove skirting the shape and you can enjoy.

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