Sponge cake “Danissimo”


The layer — 2 PCs

Yogurt (“Danissimo” with crispy bean balls at 105g) — 2 PCs
Cheese (soft 0%) — 150 g
Butter (250gr to the main cream and 50g on the sides) — 300 g
Sweetened condensed milk (100g on the main cream and 50g on the sides) — 150 g
Powdered sugar (50-80g to taste with vanilla flavor) — 50g
Banana (large) — 1 piece

The recipe for “Sponge cake “Danissimo””:

Butter 82,5%, soft cheese 0% fat, but can any other fat.
About cakes – on the website there are many, bake on a favorite recipe or just buy ready-made.
I soaked the cake layers with a 50/50 mixture of Amaretto and juice, Cocktail cherries – this is optional, treat than you want, or skip this point.

So the cream (don’t forget to leave 50gr of butter and condensed milk on the side):
Whisk soft butter with condensed milk, add remaining ingredients, mix well. Condensed milk and powdered sugar – to taste who like sweeter, and who is not (like me).
Balls from one yogurt (pink) I also added in the cream, when they will fall, it will be nice to crunch.

We coat the first layer is 2/5 of the cream, the banana is cut into three pieces and along the at plate for 3-4mm, spread on the cream. Now 2/5 of the cream and the cake. Top coat the cake with remaining frosting. Decorate with the remaining balls of yogurt.
Put in the fridge for about an hour. Meanwhile prepare the cream on the sides. Mix soft butter and 50g condensed milk 50g and sent to the cake in the fridge.
In an hour we coat sides of cake with this cream and decorate to your taste. I had a piece of dark chocolate, I rubbed on a fine grater and sprinkled the sides. You can use coconut shavings, residues cakes to grind to powder, crushed nuts, almond petals.
Leave in the fridge overnight for impregnation.
Bon appetit!

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