Sour cream cake with jam


-eggs – 2 PCs.,

-sugar — 1 glass,
-kefir – 1 glass,
-jam – 1 tbsp (BlackBerry, black currant, plum or blueberries),
-soda – 2H.l. (without top),
-2 tbsp. flour.
Cream for cake:
-sour cream – 2 tbsp.,
-sugar – 1/2-1 PT (as)

For cake take 2 eggs, beat, add 1 Cup sugar. Add one Cup of yogurt, one Cup jam, two cups flour, 2 teaspoon soda. Will Mapecem 2 cakes at a temperature of 180 gr. and cut them at the seams.
Carefully whip the cream with sugar. Cakes with all my heart pronajem sour cream and put the cake impregnated in the refrigerator.

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