Quick custard bezoparnym yeast dough for pies

The cakes always turn out good and a lot of time in cooking not take.


●3 tablespoons flour
●3 tablespoons of sunflower oil
●1 tablespoon sugar
●a teaspoon of salt


Connect all components and pour over this 1 Cup of boiling water. Mix well.
Allow to cool this mixture.

After the mixture has cooled down, add 50 grams of yeast (I use fresh yeast wet) (dry yeast at the rate of 1:3) and another glass of hot water, 4 cups flour 250 gr.
Knead the dough as for pies.
Divide into balls, allow to disperse for about 5 minutes, put it inside the stuffing and fry them in very hot sunflower oil.
The output is about 25-30 pies, it all depends on the value of the balls.
The filling can be either potato with fried onions and garlic; potatoes with liver; rice with egg; cherry, fried cabbage with onions etc.

PS Those cakes and you can cook, and bake. But fried tastes better))
And the dough is just excellent: sausage rolls, meatballs in dough and even bread – great work from him!

Bon appetit!

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