Quick cake from cakes with bananas


Chocolate gingerbread -400 g

Ripe bananas – 1 -2 PCs.
Fat sour cream homemade -350 g
Sugar for sour cream – to taste
Baking paper, vanilla, chocolate for decoration


1. Take the packaging of the cakes and cut each carrot lengthwise into two plates. Nothing, if after that you still will have a lot of crumbs, they will come in handy.
2. In a deep bowl, combine sour cream and sugar. Whisk thoroughly with a mixer until the formation of a dense cream. 3. You can add in the sour cream cocoa. Get the chocolate cream. Vanilla add sugar while beating.
4. Peel a ripe banana. Cut it in slices. The circles do not very thick.
5. Take a round pan with high edges. If the edges are not very high. Cover it with baking paper and make the bumpers.
6. Every plate of carrot dip in sour cream and put a layer of plates on the paper. This will be the first Korzh. The gaps between filled with gingerbread crumbs.
7. The first layer of water with a small amount of sour cream. Next, lay out a layer of sliced bananas.
8. They also smear a small amount of sour cream.
Keep cake layers in the same order of alternation.
9. Finish the cake with rich cream and sides including. Sprinkle chocolate chips, put it in the fridge. It needs a good soak, bananas will give a lot of juice, don’t overdo it with sour cream and fruit.

Bon appetit!

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