Ingredients :
lavash sheet — 1 PC.
cheese ( any ) — 200 g or fused — 2 PCs.

mayonnaise — 1 tsp.
egg — 2 PCs.
salt — a pinch
vegetable oil ( for frying ) — 50 g
starch — 1 tbsp

How to cook fried pita bread with cheese :
Slice the pita bread into squares.
Cut into plates of cheese and make a batter with eggs, mayonnaise, salt and starches.
Put the cheese on a slice of pita bread.
And turn all the squares of the envelopes.
Pour the olive oil into a pan and heat it. Dip the envelope in the batter and place in hot oil.
Fried very quickly. After a minute flip over to the other side.
Delicious fried pita bread with cheese is ready !

Bon appetit !

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