Pie “grandma’s doily”


500 grams of flour

1 egg
1 tbsp yeast
4 tbsp sugar
1 Cup milk
1 tbsp butter
3 tbsp vegetable oil
pinch of salt

Knead the dough, it’s going to be uncool, put it to rise for half an hour in a warm place, then abenaim and another half hour to give up.
While the dough rises, prepare a filling. Half a Cup of poppy seeds to boil in water (or milk, if you like), when boiling add 3 tbsp of sugar. Then the water should be well drained, so that the liquids were not.
So, the dough is ready, divide it into two parts, thus we get two pies. You can certainly make one, but then it will become quite large.
Roll the dough. Grease with butter and sprinkle with three tablespoons of sugar.
Spread the poppy and well asperellum it on the surface of the dough.
Fold the dough into a roll, cut off from both sides, the tips of them we will make the Central rosette on the cake. Connect the ends of the rolls into the ring and begin to undress. Scissors 1 centimeter make the cut, but not doresain. Two leaves left on the outside, the third one turns up to the center and so we go in a circle.Those pieces that we cut off the ends of the loaf gently everted, forming rosettes. One piece put inside (not at all), the second will be at the top. Here’s how it should turn out.
Put in some time in a warm place so the dough still rose slightly, then add the yolk and put into the oven. Bake at 170 degrees for 15-20 minutes, until the pie will be a beautiful Golden color. That’s all pie “grandma’s doily” is ready! Bon appetit!

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