The pancakes turn out tender and thin. The filling can be any, on this photo the meat toppings

Milk — 3 cups.Flour — 2 cups.Eggs — 3 stall — 0,5 tsp Sugar (if you like sweet pancakes, you can add 2 or 3 tablespoons of sugar) — 1 tbsp baking Powder — 3/4 tsp Refined vegetable oil (in the dough) — 3 tbsp
Pour in a bowl the sifted flour, salt, sugar, baking powder. Add eggs and half a Cup of milk.

Knead thick dough, without lumps.

Then gradually dilute the rest of the milk and knead the dough consistency is reminiscent of liquid sour cream. Pour 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil and stir well so that the dough combines with the oil.

Well preheat a frying pan, grease it with oil and pour the batter into the pan, quickly turning it to spread the dough over the pan with a thin even layer. Podrumyanivshiyisya one side of the pancakes, turn over to the other side with a spatula.
I always bake the pancakes on two pans – it’s faster. Fryer grease using oil.

Cake "Ferrero rocher"
Chocolate cake "Ordinary miracle"

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