My favorite pancakes recipe


— 4 cups of flour

— 4 chicken eggs;
— 1 glass of kefir;
— 0.5 liters of milk;
— 2-2,5 cups of water;
— 1 incomplete teaspoon of salt;
— 5-8 tablespoons of sugar;
— 1 incomplete teaspoon soda;
— 100 g of vegetable oil for the dough and some more for greasing the pan.

Them on the bottom of the pan salt and sugar.

Broke there balls.

Yogurt and the baking soda.

Stir the whorl.

Poured all the milk.

Poured 2 cups of sifted flour.

Broke the whorl. Better not to put all of the liquid immediately, or else get a lot of lumps that I cannot easily ignore.

Add another 2 cups flour. Break the whorl and add water.

You can, of course, to make the dough with milk, without water. But I basically make a mixture of milk, yogurt and water. At this stage, I adjust the dough thickness. At first it seems a little watery.

Last add the oil. Stir as the whorl. Leave the dough for half an hour. During this time it becomes thicker.

Again stir the whorl. Bake two or three pans that the kitchen did not line up (usually the first cat:).

Grease the pan with oil only before the first pancake.

So it is not lumpy, you need not be sorry:

1. Eggs and butter in the dough.
2. Warm-up time of the pan.

Ready pancakes can be lubricated with a slice of butter. But I do it rarely.

The pancakes are so delicious and work.

Bon appetit!

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