Melting chocolate (Fondant au chocolat)

Ingredients (ratio for two):

Dark chocolate (minimum 60% cocoa) — 80 g

Butter — 50 g
Eggs — 2 PCs.
Sugar — 40 g
Flour — 30 g


1. First you need to melt 80 g of chocolate and 50g butter.
2. Two eggs mix well with 40 g of sugar.
3. Add the melted chocolate.
4. Add 30 g of flour, stir well.
5. Pour into greased and floured cake tins. I want to note that I like to sprinkle molds for chocolate products flour, it sets off the chocolate, some patina is. If you are anti — sprinkle on form cocoa.
6. Bake at 210 With 10 minutes. Let cool 5 minutes, then carefully invert onto a plate, pushing the plate to the mold.
7. Add cream or ice cream and serve while warm cake! It is necessary to pierce with a spoon so that the chocolate cream flowed out and mixed with sauce or melted ice cream.

P. S. If the oven 15 minutes, the middle has thickened.

Bon appetit!

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