Mastic from condensed milk

– condensed milk – 150 gr.;
– powdered sugar – one Cup;
– lemon juice – 1 tsp. spoon;

– milk powder or cream powder – 1-1. 5 cups, sometimes it takes more – monitor the consumption of your own, you feel, when will enough be enough.

1. Mix milk or cream with sugar powder and a deep bowl.
2. Pour in the condensed milk and mix with a spoon.
3. Work surface sprinkle with powdered sugar.
4. Then spread on the mixture and knead until then, until the mastic mass will cease to stick to hands.
Tip # 1: If mastic mass sticks to hands, add in the potato caramel. Also, they can partially replace the powdered sugar, then the mastic will not be sickly sweet.
Tip # 2: To ensure that the mastic from drying out during storage, was elastic and beautiful, add a few drops of glycerin.
5. Now you can begin to sculpt various figures and elements. To do this, on the work surface, sprinkle a little icing sugar and roll out the paste.
TIP # 1: to make colored mastic, then divide mastic mass into parts and in each part you add your desired color of food coloring. Often to get the green I use regular green paint, to obtain a beige and brown – cocoa powder, and to obtain a pink – berry syrup pink.
TIP # 2: If the sealant sticks to your hands and the consistency is still too soft, then sprinkle a little powdered sugar and again as it should be stirred. Mastic should resemble in its properties plasticine and can be elastic, but elastic.
TIP # 3: If you want to use this paste for decorating cakes, we make the decorations in advance so they have time to serve to dry out, but they need to dry wrapped in foil or just put the lid on.
TIP # 4: Store the paste in the refrigerator, wrapped in plastic wrap, and when you are gonna need it, reach for it and sculpt whatever you want, but if you stay, then again you can get it in the fridge. Once you get the paste out of the fridge, give it about 20-30 minutes to soak in the film at room temperature, so it will become softer and more pliable.
Mastic from condensed milk is ready!

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