Marshmallow hot chocolate in Austria


Bar of milk or dark chocolate

Marshmallows — 2 PCs.
Milk — 300 ml
Chocolate chips for decorating


1. In a saucepan pour the milk, heat it on the stove and drop the chocolate chips.
2. Wait until the chocolate dissolved in the milk, and throw in a saucepan the marshmallows. Give Zephyr to slightly soften.
3. Put the chocolate-marshmallow mixture into the bowl of a blender.
4. And whisk until smooth.
5. Pour into a Cup. Due to the fact that marshmallow consistency lighter milk, it rises to the top, to form a marshmallow cushion.
6. From top to decorate the drink with grated on a fine grater chocolate. He will not fall down through the marshmallow layer. Enjoy an extraordinary taste!

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