Marshmallow cake

300 gr. oil
1 Bank of condensed milk

700 gr. marshmallow
100 – 150 gr. nuts
acidic fruits or berries

1.Butter softening at room temperature.
2.Nuts lightly toasted in a skillet.
3.Zephyr to take the best white vanilla, not poured on top of icing or chocolate.
4.Make the filling.
5.Beat well with a mixer the butter. Portions add condensed milk and beat. You can add brandy 1 to 2 tsp.
6.Take a flat, wide dish.
7.Zephyr split in half. The first layer put the tops of the marshmallow down. If the tops are uneven , they are a little trim.
8.Scraps to lay the voids in the first layer. Use the cream. Top it with a thin layer of powdered cranberry. Instead of cranberries, you can use currants, peeled orange, kiwi, etc.
9.Then again, half marshmallow. The top trim and scraps to lay the emptiness. Top and sides of the cake spread with cream and sprinkle with crushed nuts.

Bon appetit

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