Kiev cake

Kyiv cake was first prepared in 1965 at the Kiev confectionery factory.

The cake consists of air-nut meringue cakes with cream layers, the cake’s surface is decorated with various creams, and the sides sprinkled with walnut crumbs of hazelnut.

Ingredients for the cream:

2 tbsp of cognac
200 g of powdered sugar
6 tbsp condensed milk
400 g of butter
+ 2 tbsp cocoa (for chocolate cream)


45 g flour (1.5 tbsp)
1 Cup chopped roasted nuts
10 egg whites
1 Cup granulated sugar

The recipe of Kyiv cake

Beat egg whites with sugar or sugar powder and vanilla to the foam turned out to be sustainable.
Nuts to toast, grind and mix with flour.
Knead the dough.
On the tray lay baking paper and put the dough, making cake 2, the thickness should be 5-7 mm and a diameter of 24 cm and bake it is necessary 2-2,5 hours at a temperature of 140-160 degrees.
Finished cakes cool and remove the baking paper.
For the butter cream beat butter with icing sugar, vanilla, cognac and condensed milk. To postpone 3-4 tbsp for decoration.
First Korzh grease cream and cover with the second shortcake.
Add cocoa to remaining cream and mix well, you get the chocolate cream.
The second cake layer and sides of cake to grease with a chocolate cream.
Sides of cake sprinkle chopped nuts.
The cream that is left to decorate the cake can add a few drops of beet juice, and diluted the dye, mix well, the cream turns a light pink color.
To decorate the cake you can, as you want, everything depends on your imagination.
Before serving the cake to cool in the fridge.

That’s all the recipe of Kyiv cake is finished, enjoy your meal!

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