Italian dessert “Sukotto”

Sugar — 170 gr
Flour — 170 gr

Eggs — 8 PCs

Ingredients for the filling:
Cream 35% — 1 litre
Sugar powder — 50 grams
Dark chocolate — 200 g
Almonds — 50 grams
Hazelnuts — 50 gr
Marshmallows — 50 g

Ingredients for impregnation:
Brandy — 2 tbsp
Amaretto liqueur — 2,5 tbsp

The recipe for Italian dessert “Sukotto”:
First you need to whisk the eggs with sugar, add flour. Bake the sponge cake. Nuts fry in a pan, then grind into crumbs. Chocolate to break into crumbs. Marshmallows cut into pieces. 100 ml of cream is to be put into another container. The remaining 900 ml whipped with powdered sugar. Add the chocolate and nuts. The remaining chocolate melt in a water bath. Add 100 ml. cream.

Whipped cream be divided into two parts. In one part add marshmallows. In the other half of the melted chocolate. Grease a deep spherical form with oil, lay a parchment. Biscuit cut the triangles with a height equal to the depth of the form. Place the triangles on the sides of the form so that the biscuit found each other. Drizzle the biscotti Amaretto and cognac.

Cream with marshmallows spread over the entire surface of the biscuit. Put the dessert in the fridge for 30 minutes. Then inside the form put cream with chocolate. Cover with remaining sponge cake and put the finished dessert in the fridge for 6 hours minimum. Zucotto ready to turn on the dish. Coat with the remaining chocolate and again refrigerate for 1 hour.

Bon appetit!

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