Ice cream cake marshmallow treat


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Jun 25, 2015 at 7:41 pm

Number of servings: 6-8 pieces

Marmalade, chocolate figures or little unsalted biscuits (crackers)— to your taste (for decoration)

lemon, zest of — one thing

butter — 200 grams

milk — one glass

packs of shortbread — two pieces

eggs — two pieces

Zephyr — one kilogram

sugar — 0.5 cups

Method of preparation:

In a separate container should be thoroughly RUB the eggs with sugar. Crushed shortbread and pour them into mashed eggs. Pour in the cooked milk mixture and simmer until the receipt of the thickened mass of uniform consistency. Be sure to constantly stir the mixture. Carefully put the butter in a Cup, grind it into a medium-sized grated peel of a lemon and add it to the softened butter. In the resulting lemon-oil mixture add the cooled mass of biscuits and eggs. Form to impose a special parchment, then evenly spread out pre-split Zephyr. Put marshmallows should be in layers, in this case, promazyvaya each layer of the cooked cream. The top of the cake liberally lubricated cream and gently flatten. Ready to leave the cake for a day to soak. To decorate this cake can jellies, chocolate figurines or small biscuits.

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