● 3 eggs
● 150 g of honey
● 100 g butter
● 100 g of sugar
● 1,5 tsp. slaked soda
● 350 g flour

● 500 g sour cream 20%
● 200 g cream 33%-38%
● 180 grams of sugar
● 1 packet of vanilla sugar (10 g)


The dough.
Eggs lightly whisk, until smooth. Add honey, oil, sugar. Make a water bath – put the container in a pan of boiling water. Heat until the eggs, oil and honey will not turn into a homogeneous mixture. Stirring occasionally to speed up the process. Remove from heat, add hydrated soda. Mix well, the mixture should turn white significantly. Add parts of flour, every time knead it well with a spoon. The dough becomes warm and sticky, sticky – the way it should be. Do not add more flour.
The baking tray is well oiled.
1/5 part of the test (170 g) to put at the center of the pan.
To prepare the cover from the pan or large plate with a diameter of about 25 cm Light movements of your hand stretch the dough into a circle. The dough will stick to your hand is normal. Stretch into a circle slightly larger than the lid (try reference cover). The smoother the circle will spread, the smoother will be the cake.
Put in a preheated 200 degree oven. Bake for 5-8 minutes (I was baked exactly 8 minutes). The cake should be dark with a reddish hue, but the edges should darken and dry.
The finished cake is still warm cut it to cover. I cover with a sharp edge and the knife I used, the edge is easily removed from the cake. If the edge is not sharp or use a plate, then draw around it with a knife. Similarly bake the remaining cakes (it turns out only 5 pieces). Always make sure to grease the baking pan with butter. It is convenient to bake on two baking sheets – while one layer is being baked, you are the second stretch. Baked scraps in a blender to grind, or in any other way.

Cream beat until density. Add the sugar, vanilla sugar, sour cream, whisking until the sugar dissolves. The first layer is put on a large plate or Board. Lubricate approximately 1/5 part of the cream. Cream turns out very thick layer, it is later absorbed into the cake. Just to lay out all the cakes, each time lubricating cream. Top the cake to grease cream. Also coat the cream sides of the cake.
Sprinkle with the crumbs, and sides too. Put the cake to get soaked for 3-4 hours in the refrigerator. The cake turns out very soft, literally melts in your mouth, to him even the tea is not needed.