Honey cake with caramel-maslany cream in slow cooker

To prepare honey cake in multivarku need:

For cake 2 eggs; 2 tablespoons honey; 1 Cup sugar; 100 g butter; 1 tsp baking soda; 1 tbsp vinegar; 3.5 cups flour (plus another half Cup for rolling). For the cream 2 cans (350 g) of boiled condensed milk; 150 g unsalted butter at room temperature.

Prepared according to the steps:

Prepare the cakes the cake in a slow cooker To knead the dough, make a “water bath”, putting on the fire a saucepan with 3-4 cups of water. Bring water to a boil and place a bowl on top of the pan. In a bowl mix the eggs, sugar and honey. Add butter and stir slowly until the mixture is warm, the butter melts, sugar dissolves and all the ingredients to form a homogeneous mixture.

Turn off the heat and remove the bowl with “water bath”. Add in a mixture of baking soda (previously in a separate little Cup, mix the baking soda with vinegar), and mix well. Gradually add the liquid ingredients to the flour. Knead the dough is soft plastic. Cover it with cling film and refrigerate for 20 minutes in the fridge (during this time the dough will become stiffer).

Then remove the dough from the refrigerator, transfer it to a lightly floured surface and cut into 7 equal parts. Take one part of dough, place it on a floured table, sprinkle flour on top and roll into a thin flat circle.

Next, using either a round bowl or lid from the pan, put it on the rolled out dough and with a sharp knife, cut the dough at the edges of the bowl. In the end, you will get a perfect circle. Bake round cakes in multivarka in the “Baking” for about 15 minutes each. Continue until all cakes will be ready.

Mix all the scraps and roll out and bake another cake (he doesn’t have to be perfect shape, so will go to chips, to decorate sides of cake). Prepare the cream With a mixer, whip the butter until soft and smooth. Add condensed milk and continue to whisk the cream until it thickens and becomes a lush (about 4-5 minutes).

Assembling the cake:
Place one cake layer on cake plate, spread it evenly 3-4-I tablespoons of cream. Place the other cake on top and repeat until you use all layers. Spread the entire cake (sides and upper surface) cream. Crush with a rolling pin into small crumbs additionally baked the cake and sprinkle the cake crumbs on the sides and top.

Decorate the cake as desired. Keep it at room temperature for several hours (cake soaked with cream) and refrigerate until such time as will bring to the table. Bon appetit!

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