Honey cake “the run home”


For the cake we need:

2 eggs,
180 g of sugar,
80 g butter,
80-100 g of honey,
2 teaspoons of baking soda (no slides),
400-450 g of flour and about 1 Cup for kneading.
For the cream:
1 can of condensed milk,
sour cream (400 g) 24-30% fat
150 ml cream 33% -38 % fat for whipping,
2 tablespoons honey (for Amateurs).


Eggs and sugar lightly whisk, add the butter, honey, baking soda. Put this mixture in a water bath and heat it, stirring constantly, until the sugar dissolves and the mixture becomes a little to podkypat.

Remove from heat, add 400-450 g sifted flour and stir well. The dough turns sticky and watery. Cover the bowl with the dough with foil and set it aside for an hour.

Then remove the dough from the container onto the cutting table(or in a bowl) and knead, adding flour until the dough will not undertake and will not stick to your hands, grease hands with oil (I left about a Cup of flour), you may not need flour to wineski. Form the dough into the reservoir and make 9 balls.

Each ball roll out thinly on baking paper, prisypaya flour, to pierce with a fork.

Bake cakes at t 200 With 2-3 minutes with a diameter of 22-23 cm (I got 12 cakes), trimming, too, have mixed everything and made biscuits.

Whisk the condensed milk with honey and sour cream.

Separately whip the cream until stability all combine gently until smooth and fluff cakes. To put on the impregnation in the fridge preferably overnight. Decorate a honey cake as desired. Nice!

Cake Royal
Cake "Charlotte"

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