Honey cake “Sweet evening”



2 eggs, 1/3 Cup sugar, vanilla, 2 tbsp (70g) honey, 1 Cup flour, 1 teaspoon baking powder
750g 20% sour cream, 1/3 Cup sugar, 350 g boiled condensed milk, 10g of gelatin, 50g water

If the honey is solid, warm it in a water bath or in the microwave.
With a mixer beat eggs, sugar, honey and vanilla until fluffy foam.

Add flour and soda. Beat. You should get a fairly thick batter.
In the form d=22~24cm to put a circle of baking paper.
Put half of the dough.

To level.

Put into a preheated t=180~200°C oven until cooked.

Remove the cake from the form.
In the form put the second circle of paper and lay out the second part of the test. Bake and remove from the mold.
Cakes to cool.

Cream and souffle
Soak gelatine in 50 g of cold boiled water. Then place the Cup with the gelatin in a bowl of boiling water and bring to the gelatin has dissolved.

Whip cream with sugar and condensed milk until uniform staining.

To assemble the cake
Form wash. On the bottom put the paper or foil.
To build up the walls of the mould from the inside folded 4 times in a foil.
With the cooled cakes to remove the paper.
In the form put one cake layer.
It pour 1/3 of the cream.

Cover with the second cake.
In the remaining cream, stir in gelatin. Pour mixture into the mold.

Refrigerate at least overnight.

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