Easy Marshmallow Cake (cake without baking)


(standard cake about 22 cm in diameter, the halves of marshmallows in two layers)

Marshmallows – 0.5 kg
Shortbread – 150 g
Butter – 1 pack (180-200 gr.)
Peeled walnuts – 1 Cup (100 gr.)
Boiled condensed milk – 1 Bank


Oil in advance to get it out of the fridge to make it mild. Stretch biscuits into a powder (I ground in a blender). Nuts a quarter to postpone the decoration of the cake, the rest to grind into powder (I ground in a blender). Zaffirini be divided into halves. Grind (I was whipped with a mixer) the butter and condensed milk.

Add about 2/3 (two third) of the crushed cookies (reserve one third for dusting cake) and chopped nuts. Stir until blended (I mixed with a mixer at low speed). On a plate spread half the marshmallows, very close to each other. Clear holes between the marshmallows to fill the marshmallows.

Lubricate Severini cream. On top lay the second layer of marshmallows. Use the cream. In the ingredients number is listed on two layers. so now you only sprinkle (to decorate) walnut halves and crumbs of cookies. But, you know, layers can be laid out to how much would be the cream and marshmallows.
I did a big cake with three layers. And pre-bought marshmallows three types, for variety.
Because the third layer I have looked like this. And now I again missed cream and decorated with nuts and crumbs of cookies. Golden dots on the cake is I have thrown food such as decoration of beads 🙂

Bon appetit!

The cake in the pan for half an hour!
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