The thing which is in the fill!

Ingredients and preparation:

4 eggs+Cup of sugar beat with a mixer at high speed before the formation of strong foam (min. 5).

Gently stir in Cup of flour and the sachet of baking powder. In a glass pour 3 tablespoons Rast.oil, pour 3 tablespoons of boiling water,then it all pour in the dough,well,but gently mix (spatula)

Pour into mold (I’m on a baking paper,the sides are not grease). Bake in the oven (I in slow cooker 45 minutes) about 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

Biscuit five minutes to get out of shape and in many places pierced with a toothpick, portions pour the fill.

Soak preferably overnight (minimum 5 hours).
For impregnation take 200 ml of condensed milk+200ml of concentrated milk+200 ml of 20% cream.

Butterscotch "Toffee" (baked milk)
The cake in the pan for half an hour!