Delicious pancakes with apples


For the dough:

6 tablespoons of flour
0.5 liters of yogurt or sour,
1 egg,
salt, sugar to taste.

For the filling: 5 apples,
2 tablespoons sugar for coating.

For frying: 100 g margarine or vegetable oil.

1. For cooking pancakes, you need to whisk the eggs, combine with yogurt or sour milk, add salt, sugar, flour and knead the dough. It should get light, lush, polupustym.

2. The pour batter by teaspoonfuls onto greased with oil or margarine in a hot frying pan. On the surface of the pancakes quickly and beautifully to decompose neatly thinly sliced apples. When the lower edge of the pancake is Golden, flip pancakes down and Browning them. Remove the fritters from the pan, put on a dish, sprinkle with sugar.

3. They will be tastier if they sprinkle finely ground cinnamon. Serve fritters hot or cold.

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