one cake

2 eggs
250 gr sour cream (I had a 42%)
2/3 tbsp. sugar (can be less)
2 tsp of starch (a full teaspoon with a small hill)
1/2 sachet of baking powder
7 tbsp. sifted flour (spoon with a small slide)
a little salt


1. These cakes can be 3-4-5 (depending how much you have additives in these cakes there)
2. I had a 4: roasted salted peanuts, poppy seeds, cocoa and coconut
3. for the cream – 1 kg of sour cream, 250 g sugar powder, a sachet of vanilla sugar
4. Baked in preheated oven on nonstick baking sheet. If you bake on regular, it is necessary to lay oiled paper, otherwise the cake will not fall behind. Remove carefully and only hot.
5. The hot cream to lubricate the cake, so to speak for impregnation. The rest of the cream to keep in the fridge. When the cake is markedly absorbed and the cream is cooled, put the cream on top of the refrigerator for a thicker layer. So repeat with all cakes. On top I sprinkled some almond leaves. All 🙂

Bon appetit!

Cake "Gypsy"
Sour cream dessert with berries (sour cream cake-jelly)