Delicious cake “Cherry surprise”

For the cake:
6 eggs;
6 tablespoons of sugar;

6 tablespoons of flour.

For the cream:
400 g dark chocolate;
300 ml cream; 100 g butter;
200 g cherry.

For the glaze:
50 g dark chocolate;
50 ml cream;
50 g butter.

For decoration:
colored coconut.

Put on fire cream and chocolate pieces.

When the mixture is warm, add butter and stir until smooth.

Allow to cool, but don’t put it in the fridge, because the mixture will harden.

Using a wooden spoon stir together the cream, until it becomes silky. Purified from the seeds of cherries to add to the cream and stir, then put the cream in the fridge.

The egg yolks to pound with sugar until they thicken. Beat the whites separately to stiff peaks.

The beaten egg whites gently to mix with the yolks. Add the flour, stir and pour the resulting dough in with a parchment baking sheet for baking.

Bake until the crust is browned. Baked the cake left to freeze on a damp towel.

Cut the cake into four equal strips, each of which are spread with cream.

Take one strip, roll it up and put it horizontally on a cake plate.

Around wrap the remaining strips.

To put around the removable side from the roasting tin and tight to pull the cake.

Leave it in the fridge for at least an hour.
On a steam bath to melt the chocolate, butter and cream.

Obtained frosting to decorate the cake. Again put the cake in the fridge for the glaze.

Decorate the cake with sprigs of cherry blossoms and colored coconut

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