Curd dessert “Trio”


Sour cream high fat — 500-600 g

Gelatin — 4 tsp.
Cottage cheese high fat — 400-500 g
Dye cherry and cocoa on the eyes
Powder sugar and sugar — to taste
Jelly candies — for decorating


1. Type in a glass of cooled boiled water (about half Cup).
2. Soak gelatin in water.
3. The high fat cottage cheese mixed with sour cream.
4. Add in curd icing sugar and/or sugar.
5. Stir in the gelatin mass is diluted with water, and thoroughly mix everything.
6. Divide the mass into three equal parts and spread on different plates.
7. Mass, which is in the first plate, we leave white.
8. In the mass, which is in plate No. 2, stir in the cherry dye.
9. The third mass of stir in cocoa.
10. Take a baking pan and pour the mass in 4 tablespoons of strictly in the middle.
11. First pour the white mass, then with cherry stain, then with cocoa.
12. So gradually we should use the entire mass and fill the mold to the end.
13. To remove the dessert in the fridge for 4-5 hours.
14. To get the cake from the mold, decorate and serve.

The birthday cake girl-7 years
Cake "Aida"

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