Cream for cakes

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Butter CREAMS for cakes

Creams based on butter are widely used in the manufacture of confectionery. These creams have a stable substance that will not melt and allow you to create decorations on cakes and pastries. The recommended shelf life of cream oil – no more than 36 hours.

Custards are made predominantly from milk and eggs, sugar, flour, or starch, plus various flavorings. The process of cooking custard requires constant stirring to avoid burning. Use the custard after cooling you can store it for no more than 6 hours.
Custards are suitable for impregnation of cakes layered cakes, such as “Napoleon”, as well as for filling éclairs, tubes and baskets.

The basis of protein cream – egg white, whipped with sugar (sugar). Gentle cream texture ideal for decorating cakes and pastries, protein creams you can fill baskets and tubes, but for sandwiching cakes they fit.

Adding protein in the gelatin cream and various fillers, get marshmallows or cream for cake “bird’s milk”. According to sanitary regulations, keep protein the cream can within 72 hours.

The cream obtained by whipping cream, animal or vegetable origin, are lush, light and delicate texture, pleasant taste and high nutritional value.
Butter cream blends perfectly with the biscuits, but do not want to use this cream for a layer of sand or layered cakes. Well to fill butter cream cake, waffle rolls. Shelf life butter creams from 24 to 36 hours.

To prepare such creams it is better to take the sour cream with high fat content (25-30%), definitely fresh and chilled. Mixed creams (cream + sour cream) have a more stable consistency, and when you add gelatin to hold their shape well, but lose a special tenderness.

Sour cream dairy, and creamy sour cream dairy creams are used as pure cream, but, because of the instability of the composition, they can be stored no more than 3-5 hours (in the cold).

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