Cool cake

– 500g cakes
– 500 g sour cream

– 2 banana
– 100 g of sugar powder
– 1 Cup shelled nuts


Powder mix with sour cream. Gingerbread slice thickness 3-4 mm, and bananas – 1-2 mm. Fry on the pan and a little chop with the knife nuts.

Find the bowl of the appropriate size. It lines it from the inside with cling film. On film put layers dipped in sour cream cakes and bananas, sprinkling them with walnut crumbs.

If you love cake juicy, sour cream need to take a little more.

Tamped by hand and placed overnight in a refrigerator. In the morning turn on the tray (dish), remove plastic wrap and all – out cake is ready. Decorate, eat and enjoy.

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