Coffee cake with prunes


Flour 250 g;

Soda 1 tsp;
Coffee strong 200 ml;
Brown sugar 100-150 g;
Honey: 2 tbsp;
Prunes b/C 200 g;
Salt 1 pinch;
Ground cinnamon 1 pinch;
Ginger 1 pinch ground;


1.Cooking time – 40 minutes
2.Preheat the oven to 180ᵒС.
Brew very strong coffee (instant or real). In hot coffee, add sugar and honey (or molasses, as in my case). Stir until sugar is dissolved. Set aside to cool slightly. From what You add honey or molasses will depend on the color pie. When you add molasses cake will turn out very dark, adding light honey pie will turn out lighter respectively.
3.Chop the prunes into 4 pieces each (if the plums are very large, can be cut into 6 pieces).
4.In a bowl sift the flour, soda, salt and spices.
5.Pour the coffee into the flour and mix gently until smooth with a fork or whisk. The dough should have the consistency of thick cream.
6.Add to the dough chopped prunes. Mix.
7.In greased with vegetable oil form (22 cm), lay out the dough. Send in preheated oven for 20 minutes.
8.The willingness of cake check match (with a toothpick): if match came out dry the cake is ready. When serving you can sprinkle with powdered sugar or drizzle chocolate sauce.

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