Chocolate or boiling water

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Jun 22, 2015 at 10:40 pm

1H.liter soda
1H.l baking powder
2H.l-coffee (I put soluble)
2pcs egg
1st milk
1/2st. vegetable oil
1st. boiling water(water)
beat eggs,add Rast.oil,mix well.Enter the milk,vanilla, mix well.Add all dry foods, mix well. At the end of the mixing pour the boiling water cool. The main idea is to pour immediately after boiling, literally boiling hot water. Mix.The dough is quite liquid is obtained, pour into the form(22-Tiamat.Bake.Rises quite high, up to 8cm Cut on three parts of the finished cake.
The cream can be used any, but my beloved homemade cream of cream with chocolate. Bring to the boil 200 ml 35% cream, throw in 100 g of chocolate, break the tile into pieces and throw, mix, give
to cool down, and then beat 8 minutes with a mixer. The cream is easy, delicious, a bit like melted chocolate ice cream. In General, yummy.
Yes! Cakes impregnated with a little cocoa with condensed milk, at home I like moist cakes. Try and do and you too will love this wonderful cake with a funny name “the Chocolate in the boiling water”))

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