Chocolate-honey cake with chocolate glaze

Category: cakes
Purpose: dessert
Cooking time: 60 minutes

Honey – 0.5 cups
Egg – 7 PCs
Butter – 120 g
Sugar – 2 cups
Flour – 2 cups
Soda – 1 tsp.
Citric acid – 0,5 tsp
Cream – 0.5 l
Chocolate black – 100 g

You will need parchment paper. Paper to prepare 3 circles, cut to fit large dishes. Cook 2 cups flour and pour into a separate bowl. In a large Cup to drive 2 eggs and 5 egg yolks (the whites, unfortunately, this cake does not need, can be used for other dishes). It is very important to stick to the recipe otherwise the cake will not be light and fluffy and tender.

Melt the butter in a large bowl, add the honey and sugar, then pour the eggs, mash with a spoon until white, to put the soda on top of soda add citric acid and put on a small fire. Keep on heat, stirring all the time (otherwise it will burn), until the mixture starts to foam and rise. Remove from heat, quickly add the flour and spoon knead the dough, to avoid lumps, long knead not necessary. The dough is obtained as a slacker.

Divide the dough roughly into three parts, using a spoon, fill the circles from the paper and bake each crust for 4-5 minutes (until lightly browned). The usual cream – whipped cream with sugar and vanilla. Break chocolate and melt with butter and cream. When cakes have cooled, detach from paper, brush with cream, pour the warm chocolate glaze.

Bon appetit!

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