Chocolate cookies with coconut cream

Very very delicious peterspasses the author and of course the person who suggested it to me to try to do!
For your requests!

Someone probably remembers that I wanted to make these cookies in the form of cake. But, it so happened that I was left with 3 egg yolks. And that they are not spoiled, I decided to cook the cream, and in the morning to make biscuits.


For the dough:

●250 g flour;
●25 g cocoa;
●100 g of powdered sugar;
●200 g of butter;
●2 egg yolks;
●0.5 tsp. of baking powder.

For the cream:

●3 egg yolks;
●50 g sugar;
●20 g flour;
●200 g of hot milk;
●40 g coconut flakes.

For decoration:

●chocolate cream;
●chocolate decoration.


I read in the comments to this recipe that some had problems when rolling out dough. The batter stuck, badly rolled out. And he wrote that Fudge did not work or does not freeze. I’ve done a little bit differently to avoid these problems.

First, prepare the cream. Better in the evening to the night cold.
The yolks and sugar I put in the saucepan.
Stirred with a whisk.
Added coconut. Mixed.
Added flour.
Added hot milk.
Stirred well.

Put on medium heat and cooked until thick, stirring constantly. Left overnight to cool and thicken.
In the morning the cream has thickened well, did not spread. Very tasty!
Prepare biscuits:
Plums. the oil at room temperature and powdered sugar to put in a bowl.
Beat well with a mixer.
Add the egg yolks.
Again the mixer to mix.
Add the cocoa.
The cacao is not spread through the kitchen, I first stirred by the blades from the blender.
And then whisk until smooth.
Add baking powder and flour. Not all of it, the first half…
Spoon stirred.
Then pour the remaining flour and mix hand already.
The dough on the table to knead until smooth, roll sausage (I have a diameter of 4.5 cm).
Wrap in plastic wrap or bag and place in the freezer for half an hour or until firm.
Then with a sharp knife cut into slices.
Put the slices covered with paper on a baking sheet at a distance from each other, because when baking it a little better.
Bake in a well preheated 180*C oven for 10 minutes. Time count, because it is not visible on the liver that it is baked.
To give the cookies cool.
The cookies turned out very soft and delicious!
The cooled biscuits to cream. Distribute the cream evenly over the surface.
Cover with the second biscuit, a little pressing, so that the cream from the edges got out a little. Then to hold your finger, removing excess cream and exactly a strip of cream.
Get about 20 of these double cookies.
Cream for decoration:
You can cover with chocolate Fudge, as suggested by the author, or any chocolate frosting, and decorate with cream. Any how you want.

I made the simple chocolate butter cream.

●200 g plums. oil;
●chocolate bar;
●powdered sugar (to taste);
Butter whipped with powdered sugar and vanilla, added the melted chocolate and got this cream.
Cream were placed in a pastry bag and squeezed out the biscuits. A little and a thin layer of
Sprinkle with coconut flakes. Can chocolate decorations to garnish
Turned out so delicious that words cannot Express! And sooo chocolaty!
The next day the cookies become soft (cream), and I think even tastier!

Enjoy your tea!

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