Chocolate cake with nuts

Cooking time: 2 hours 0 min


Step-by-step recipe for chocolate cake with nuts and oranges.

For children / dessert / holiday table / birthday
Main ingredient:
The dish:
Pastries / Cakes
The geography of food:
Europe / French


  • walnuts — 300 Grams (cake)
  • sugar — 300 Grams
  • egg whites — 8 Pieces
  • flour — 2 Tbsp. spoon
  • dark chocolate — 200 Grams
  • cream — 0.5 Liters (cream)
  • dark chocolate — 100 Grams
  • Mandarin — 1 Piece (decoration)

Number of servings: 3-4

How to make “Chocolate cake with nuts”


Lightly fry the walnuts in the pan.

Detachable egg whites from the yolks, while the nuts cool down.

Chop walnuts in a blender.

Beat egg whites with 1 pinch of salt. Then, add the flour and sugar (gradually).

Mix all in a foam. Add walnuts. Beat until thick, creamy and smooth.

Cakes are baked in special baking dish. Since I don’t have it, I use a simple Teflon pan. Cut paper for baking 5-6 laps. They should be slightly wider than the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle flour paper circles. Preheat the oven to 230 C, bake every cookie monster for 5-7 minutes.

Three dark chocolate with a grater.

Whip the cream and add grated chocolate.

When Corey ready, lay them on a dish. Add the cream.

Put Corey layers. Pour the chocolate cream on top and decorate the cake with mandarins.

Caramel cake.
Tart with chocolate filling and protein cream

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