Chocolate cake (Chocolate cake)


eggs — 5 pieces

flour — 250 g
sugar — 200 g
cocoa powder – 2 tbsp l
butter 150 g
condensed milk – 1 Bank
marshmallow white – 1 pack (200 g)
powdered sugar – 2 packs (250g pack )
sugar syrup 150g
food coloring

Method of preparation

For the sponge cake: Beat eggs with sugar;
Sift the flour and add the cocoa. Stir;
Connect point 1 and point 2. Whisk until a homogeneous mass. Put the biscuits into a preheated oven (180C) for 15-20 minutes;
To get the sponge cake to cool;
Soak with sugar syrup, spread with cream. To assemble the cake and pour over remaining cream;
To cover a cake with fondant and decorate.
For oil cream with condensed milk: beat the butter, add condensed milk, beat on low speed until smooth.
For mastic: Heat marshmallows in the microwave – 50 sec.;
Stir with a spoon, add the dye, mix until a homogeneous mass;
Then bring gradually the powdered sugar. Put it on a surface and knead like dough. Mastic is ready. Roll out a thin layer for covering the cake. And separately the details for the decorations. Tips: if mastic will begin to harden, you need to put her for a few seconds in the microwave, it will again become elastic.

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