Chocolate cake according to GOST


For sponge cake:

eggs 5 PCs.
sugar 125 gr.
flour 125 gr.
cocoa 1 tbsp

For the cream:
condensed milk 200 gr boiled.
butter 200 gr.
cocoa 50 gr.
vegetable oil 10 gr.

For sugar syrup:
sugar 75 gr.
water 75 ml.
cognac 20 ml.


1. Beat eggs with sugar until white. Add the sifted flour with cocoa.
Stir carefully.
2. Pour into mold and bake at 180 C until dry matches (I did half the test norms, the form took 18 cm)
3. While baking the cake, prepare the orange cream.
Condensed milk whipped with butter, add cocoa mixed with Rast. oil.
Not a bad cream turned out brilliant, with the smell of condensed milk and chocolate
4. The sponge cake is ready. It must be removed from the mold and cooled. If you have time, let the night to sleep in the kitchen under the towel. If no,then the cooled sponge cake cut into 3 layers
Soak the syrup over each cake
5. RUB cream cakes. Coat the top and sides. Decorate as you wish.
Boca I sprinkled walnuts
Cake refrigerate to get an hour before serving.

I, of course, no fridge did not put. Immediately cut and photographed…
So it’s all fresh, not frozen…
Tried – tasty, soft, juicy…

Bon appetit!

Cheesecake with condensed milk (no baking)

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