Cheesecake without baking

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Jun 22, 2015 at 12:40 pm
150 oil
25-300 cookies

melt the butter, add the crumbled cookies
put in a mold and put in the fridge

Cheesecake layer:
500 gr. cottage cheese
200 cream (33%)
150 sugar
20 gelatin
tutu marshmallow
gelatin fill with water
curds and cream(50 gr. cream cast, to dissolve the gelatin in it) beat with a mixer
add sugar
meanwhile in the remaining cream to put gelatin, dissolve over a slow fire
add the cheese mixture and gelatin

put it on “dough” marshmallows, pour the curd mixture. put in the refrigerator

here is what everyone wants)
I daubed the edges with glaze, sprinkled with peanuts. Through the stencil made the leaves with cocoa. and cranberries in sugar laid out grapes)

The orange cake with poppy seeds
Nut-caramel bliss

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