Caramel cake with peanut nougat


Nougat (hazelnut) — 200 g

Butter — 125 g
Eggs — 2 PCs
Flour — 125 g
Sugar (plus 2 tablespoons) — 375 g
The leaven — 1 tsp.
Milk — 475 ml
Caramel pudding — 1 Pacha.
Gelatin (plates) — 6 PCs
Cheese cottage cheese (60% fat and above) — 400 g
Cream (for whipping, 30%) — 600 g

200 g of nougat melt in a water bath

125 g of sugar beat with butter until creamy

One by one enter the eggs and whisk.

Mix flour with baking powder and alternating with 75 ml of milk, to enter in oil-egg mixture.

Add the melted nougat and mix up.

Pour the dough into greased and sprinkled with flour baking pan diameter 24 cm.
Bake in a pre heated oven at a temperature of 175 deg. 35 minutes. Readiness check wooden luchiny.

Let cool on the rack

The dry pudding mix with 2 tbsp of sugar and 100 ml cold milk

300 ml milk bring to the boil, pour, constantly stirring, a liquid mixture of pudding. Allow to boil and cook for 1 minute.

Distribute the hot pudding on the cake. Allowed to cool for 45 minutes.

Soak gelatine in cold boiled water for 10 minutes.
200 g of cream to whip.

400 g cream cheese whipped with 50 g of sugar.

2 plates of gelatin dissolve in a water bath or in a saucepan – do not boil!

Gelatin mixed with 4-5 tablespoons of curd, then add to the rest mass. Enter whipped cream, mix well.

Cottage cheese – butter cream spread on caramel pudding.
Let cool for 45 minutes.

200 g sugar karamelizuem with 2 tbsp water.
To do this, pour into a saucepan sugar, water and bring to melt the sugar and caramel color in color. They say you can’t disturb – I’m disturbed

Pour in caramelized sugar 300 g cream, slightly boil.
Adding cream, sugar mixture is a solid substance, but with further stirring and cooking all safely disperse and you get a delicious creamy caramel.
Slightly cooled.

The remaining 4 plates of gelatin pressed and spread as described above. Entered into the caramel. Mix.
Put the warm caramel on top of cream cheese.
I got the caramel in a very warm liquid, dripping down the side of the cake, so I put it in a frame and struck already cooled caramel on top of the cake, which already behave )))
Leave the cake for 20 minutes in the cold I put it on the night.

The remaining 100 g of cream to whip and coat the edge of the cake.

Decorate as you wish.
I was decorated with rolls of white chocolate.

Bon appetit!!!

Cake in a skillet!!