Cake with cherries “Red riding hood”

Very tasty and beautiful cake, try it.


flour (sifted) – the glass
mixture for vanilla pudding – bag,
baking powder (sifted) – 2 tsp. spoons,
cherries – half a kilo,
butter (pre-lined fridge) – 150 grams
vanilla sugar – 2 bags,
simple sugar – 200 grams
small salt – a pinch
milk – 100 milliliters,
eggs – 3 pieces,
pasta nut-chocolate – 50 grams
cream – 200 ml,
thickener whipped cream – bag
cottage cheese – 400 grams
cherry liqueur – 20 ml,
cherry juice – 230 ml,
jelly cake red – bag.

The recipe for the cake “Red riding hood”

1. In a bowl mix flour, pudding powder, baking powder. In a different capacity, RUB the butter with salt, sugar (150 g) and vanilla sugar (1 sachet) up to pobelenija mass. Then enter the eggs, stirring well after each mass. Add milk (75 ml) and small portions of flour mixture, mix well. The dough obtained from discharge about half and pour in a detachable form cake pan, greased.

2. The rest of the dough vymeshivaem nut-chocolate spread and the rest of milk (25 ml). Obtained the dark dough over light spread. Sprinkle cherries (purified from the seeds) and lightly push them into the dough. Bake the cake 40 minutes. At the end of the cooking time, pierces it with a wooden skewer to make sure it is ready (removed the skewer should be clean, without traces of sticking of the dough). Allow the cake to cool and then release from the mold.

3. Whisk the cream with the thickener. RUB the cottage cheese with the remaining sugar (50 g) and vanilla sugar (the second bag), combine with cream. On the cooled cake put on the ring from the split form and evenly spread cream cheese.

4. Prepare jelly with the addition of cherry brandy and juice (according to the description on the packing bag). Cover the jelly mass of the cake and put it in the cold (about an hour). Optionally, decorate with cherries and the remains of the cream.

Bon appetit!

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