Cake “Spring”

the dough
egg 3 PCs.

sugar ½ Cup
baking soda 1 tsp.
sour cream 200 g
wheat flour 4 cups
butter 100 g
milk, 800 kg
wheat flour 3 tbsp.
yolks 2 PCs.
sugar 200 g
condensed milk boiled 1 Bank
butter 50 g
walnuts chopped ½ Cup

Method of preparation
Knead the dough (flour must be added slowly,the dough should look not very good.tight,in the recipe wrote an approximate number) and place in a plastic bag and put mine in the fridge for 20-30. – While the dough is resting make the filling:in a bowl pour the milk +sugar+egg yolks and flour mix well and put on low fire,when it boils down to(constantly stirring) to cook the cream until thick,the cream should get thick.When the cream has cooled to about 40 gr.+condensed milk and lyrics.the 50 g butter and mix well ,until smooth.

Divide the dough into pieces first 2 pieces,then the bar into pieces,first I took 2 pieces and roll, trim was added to the one piece etc. etc., form an arbitrary I 16.5×24.5(lid of container). Roll out thinly and bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes, until Golden brown.
Get 13 cakes,1 cake (grind in blender)I left crumbs to decorate the sides.

Assembly:coat the cakes with cream.
Decorate as desired.I didn’t arbitrarily get in the Indian style)) walnuts chop and fry a little,sprinkle on top,sides with crumbs,sprinkled a little more sugar.powder.

Bon appetit!!!

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