For cake:

· Chicken eggs 4 PCs.
· Wheat flour-350 g
· Sour cream 400 g
· Sugar 350 g
· Prunes 50 g
· Hazelnut 50 g
· Cocoa powder 2 tbsp
· Poppy seeds 2.5 tbsp
· Baking powder 12 g

For sour cream
· Powdered sugar 130 g
· Sour cream 250 g

For oil-coffee cream
· Butter 300 g
· Chicken eggs 2 PCs.
· Sugar powder 200 g
· Bayliss 40 ml
· Instant coffee 15 g

For impregnation of cakes and decorations
· Milk chocolate 100 g
· Milk chocolate
· Cream 10 ml
· Cocoa powder 3 tsp.
· Baileys 80 ml


Awesome cake! Shortcakes based on sour dough are soft, lush, each of the four layers contains an additive, such as prunes, poppy seeds, hazelnuts, cocoa powder, the taste of the cake is diverse and rich, and two excellent Crema — sour cream and butter and coffee are perfect for a layer cake!

This cake I made for the birthday of his beloved sister, we all loved it! But as we tried, the cake one day to master failed, because it is huge, over two pounds, and, incidentally, his taste, the next day after cooking, just got better! In General, I highly recommend you to try this miracle for Christmas (and not only) holidays, you will not regret!