Cake Royal

Drew me to this cake, two cake (shortbread and meringue) are baked together! Did try… delicious!

Cup = 250 ml.



1st cake:

●2 egg yolks
●1/3 tbsp. sugar
●100 g butter
●0.5 tsp. of baking soda to extinguish vinegar
●1 tbsp. flour

2nd cake

●2 protein
●2/3 tbsp. sugar
●0,5 – 1 C nuts


●Condensed milk 0,5 banks
●150 g butter


1st cake:RUB the Yolks with sugar,
add the melted butter, slaked soda and flour.
Knead the dough and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Get 4 cake layers.
2nd cake :
Beat egg whites with sugar for meringue.
Nuts chop coarsely.
In a skillet hands to spread the dough,
sprinkle with nuts (and push into the dough),
and lubricate protein cream.
Bake each cake on medium heat (around 180 degrees, you are watching on your oven) for 12-15 minutes, until browned meringue color.

So bake all 4 cake layers. I baked for acceleration on the 2 pans. One in the oven, and the second is prepared for baking.

Whip butter with condensed milk
Ready the cooled cakes smeared butter cream.
Sprinkle with nuts
The cake definitely needs to steep. Not be impregnated, namely to infuse. If I bake a cake in the evening, in the morning we already eat. But it is more delicious cake with the third or fourth day.
Bon appetit!

Honey cake with caramel-maslany cream in slow cooker
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